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FR4 X-ray Machine Carbon Ink PCB Assembly
FR4 X-ray Machine Carbon Ink PCB Assembly

FR4 X-ray Machine Carbon Ink PCB Assembly

For all of our BGA's Carbon Ink PCBs, we have conducted a comprehensive X-ray inspection, which is able to detect the quality of solder joints very well. This guarantees that all our manufactured products are 100% guaranteed good quality.

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Special introduction of manufacturing process

1. Our company's PCB high resistance carbon printing materials: carbon paint, silver paint, insulating paint, ink, peelable plastic, etc are imported materials with expensive price, and material cost is the most important cost.
2.PCB printing insulation paint, silver paint, carbon paint, ink, peelable adhesive need to go through 170°C~230°C, after high-temperature sintering and curing, the film is polymerized, and high-temperature ovens and tunnel furnaces are high-power devices (50KW~60KW).

Our X-ray Machine for Carbon Ink PCB

Our company has advanced X-ray detectors, which can detect defects inherent in BGA package components and can quickly and accurately detect defects such as bridging, voids, and imaginary solder joints in BGA packaged devices. , And more accurately detect the quality of solder joints.

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