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CEM-3 Access Controller Keyboard PCB Carbon
CEM-3 Access Controller Keyboard PCB Carbon

CEM-3 Access Controller Keyboard PCB Carbon

XD-PCBA has 10-year experience in fabricating Carbon pcb,single-sided & double sided PCB, multilayer PCB and PCB assembly. With our advanced engineering & production team and high-end manufacturing equipment, XD ensures perfect insulation between each layer and good performance of every conductor in multilayer PCBs. All of our PCBs, are SGS, TS, RoHS and UL approved.

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Carbon PCB

    -. Carbon paste is applied on one side or both sides to improve contact and used as a substitute for variable resistance.

    -. Actuator parts of automobiles, medical devices and so on.


    -. It has excellent durability, abrasion resistance and is environmentally friendly.

    -. Durability is based on 1 cycle (200,000 to more than 500,000 times)

    -. Straightness Within +/- 5%

    -. Easy to Variable Resistance

Special Resistance Carbon PCB

Design standards and specifications

  Base Materials

  FR-4, FR-1, FR-2, CEM-1, CEM-3

  Material Thickness 0.1mm ~ 3.2mm

  Carbon Pattern Resistance

  Contact 1 (On Copper): Max. 100 Ω / Contact

  Contact 2 (On Bakelite): Max. 1k Ω / Contact

Min. Pattern Width / Space Copper Pattern Width: 0.18 / 0.18 mm

  Copper Pattern Space: 0.5 / 0.5 mm

  Insulation Resistance Between Cu-Jumpers

  Less than 100 MΩ / Hole

  Resistance value

  Within 5%


  50um or less


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