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FR2 XBOX Carbon Ink PCB Assembly
FR2 XBOX Carbon Ink PCB Assembly

FR2 XBOX Carbon Ink PCB Assembly

We not only provide high quality carbon fr2 xbox carbon ink pcb board with ±10% 0ω~1kω linearity tolerance, also provides one-stop service of carbon ink pcb assembly.

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Introduction of Carbon oil 

Carbon oil is a kind of semiconductor ink, because its composite material has good electrical conductivity, resistance to friction, oxidation resistance, and low cost. It is a good key material, and it can be used as a resistor in the PCB. It is a key circuit board. Potentiometers, carbon film resistors, good materials for carbon film displacement products! Just add multiple layers of independent ink layers when drawing the circuit board, and tell us the requirements of carbon oil resistance.

The advantages of our carbon ink

For FR2 XBOX our carbon oil has excellent electrical conductivity, square resistance less than 18Ω/□ (25.4mm thick, constant temperature of 150°C for 30 minutes), wide baking temperature range, and some users prevent deformation of the thin sheet in the baking process. 130 °C thermostatic 60 minutes baking, widely used in the resistance of the circuit board (PCB) with special requirements.

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