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Soft Double-sided Circuit FPC, Flexible PCB/ Flex PCB Supplier In Shenzhen
Soft Double-sided Circuit FPC, Flexible PCB/ Flex PCB Supplier In Shenzhen

Soft Double-sided Circuit FPC, Flexible PCB/ Flex PCB Supplier In Shenzhen

XingDa has been providing contract manufacturing services to its customers since 2010. Currently over 500 workers are employed in the company.Thanks to modern technologies and equipment, high qualification and great labour productivity our staff succeeds in acting in accordance with rapid market changes and development. Customer satisfaction is an essential part of our success and our future. We strive to provide exceptional value for customers to enhance their competitiveness and success. Every employer of the XingDa team is committed to providing the best service to any customer - even if you are looking for a single board.

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We are a professional FPC company. We can provide you from manufacturing PCB,FPC to smd components.Our motor controller has a long working life over 8 years.Because of the high quality,there are lots of old customers in abroad.


Layer: 2

FPCA Thickness: 0.45mm
Final Copper: 1oz
Immersion Gold


Our strict quality control system for PCBA/FPCA:

1. E-test for FPC.

2. IQC for components.

3. AOI test

4. FPCA function test

5. FQC


We can provide FPCA for prototypes, small volume and mass production.

Our one-stop service for FPC(A):

1. FPC circuit boards.

2. E-test for FPC.

3. Electronic components purchasing.

4. IQC for components.

5. AOI test

6. FPC assembly: available on SMT, BGA, DIP.

7. FPCA function test.

8. Enclosure assembly

FPC Tech Specification




FPC:1 to 6 Layers, Rigid Flex: 2 to 10 Layers

Regular Base Materials

Kapton,Polyimide(PI), Polyester(PET),

Base Copper Thickness

1/3 oz to 8oz

Regular Base Material Thickness

12.5um to 50um(FPC)

0.1mm to 3.2mm(Rigid)

Regular Coverlay Thickness

27um to 50um

Regular Adhesive Thickness

12um to 25um

Blind or Buried Vias


Impedance Control


Min.Line Width/Spacing


Surface Finishing

Electroplate Ni/Au(Flash gold/Soft gold/Hard gold), ENIG, HASL, Immersion Tin,OSP

Outline Fabrication

Die cut, laser cut, CNC routing, V-scoring

Hole to edge(Hard tool/Die Cut)


Edge to edge(Hard tool/Die Cut)


Circuit to edge(Hard tool/Die Cut)


SMT Capacity

SMT Item


PCB Max. size


Chip component

1206 0805 0603 0402 0201 package space of IC


Min. space of BGA


Max.precision of IC assembly


Assembly capacity

≥8 million piots/day

DIP capacity

DIP production lines

Assembly testing

Bridge test,AOI test, X-Ray test, ICT(In Circuit Test),FCT

(Functional Circuit Test)

FCT(Functional Circuit Test)

Current test, voltage test, high temperature and low

temperature test, Drop Impact Test,aging test,

water proof test,leakage-proof test and etc.

Different test can be done according to your requirement.



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