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Polyester OSP Smart Glasses Double Layer Flex PCB
Polyester OSP Smart Glasses Double Layer Flex PCB

Polyester OSP Smart Glasses Double Layer Flex PCB

We are professional PCB manufacturer with ten years experiences.Products range-single,double side,multi-layer PCB ,flexible PCB and MCPCB. We can provide fast prototype service – S/S in 24hrs, 4-8 layers in 48-96 working hrs production time boards circuit PCB Factory Flexible PCB Supplier 94v0 PCB Board. We shall appreciate if you could write us details of your order quantity, country, sea port/air port before you send us inquiry. In this way we can offer you the best and most accurate price.

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Our Quality Requirement:
We are now implementing international quality system includes: UL ,TS 16949 ,ISO 14001, ISO 9001

Quality target:

  • on-time delivery:≥90% ;

  • double layer board acceptability:≥97%

  • four-layer board acceptability:≥95%

  • six-layer board acceptability:≥92%

  • eight-layer board acceptability:≥88%

  • ten-layer board acceptability:≥85%

  • customer satisfaction :≥90%

  • complaint rate/rejected rate:≤ 3%

FPC Tech Specification




FPC:1 to 6 Layers, Rigid Flex: 2 to 10 Layers

Regular Base Materials

Kapton,Polyimide(PI), Polyester(PET),

Base Copper Thickness

1/3 oz to 8oz

Regular Base Material Thickness

12.5um to 50um(FPC)

0.1mm to 3.2mm(Rigid)

Regular Coverlay Thickness

27um to 50um

Regular Adhesive Thickness

12um to 25um

Blind or Buried Vias


Impedance Control


Min.Line Width/Spacing


Surface Finishing

Electroplate Ni/Au(Flash gold/Soft gold/Hard gold), ENIG, HASL, Immersion Tin,OSP

Outline Fabrication

Die cut, laser cut, CNC routing, V-scoring

Hole to edge(Hard tool/Die Cut)


Edge to edge(Hard tool/Die Cut)


Circuit to edge(Hard tool/Die Cut)


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