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Analysis of factors affecting SMT quality

Edit:Xing DA Electric Technology Co.,LtdUpDate:May 09, 2018

How to effectively improve the quality of SMT and reduce the bad qualified rate of our products in electronic product processing, QC product quality testing is an important links. The common quality problems in SMT includes missing parts, side parts, overturned parts, misaligned parts, and damaged parts.

1. Leading to the main factors of SMT leakage

1.1. component feeder (feeder) feeding is not in place.

1.2. The air intake of the component suction nozzle is blocked, the suction nozzle is damaged, and the suction nozzle height is incorrect.

1.3. The vacuum circuit of the equipment is faulty and it is blocked.

1.4. poor purchase of circuit board, resulting in deformation.

1.5. There is no solder paste or solder paste on the pad of the circuit board.

1.6. component quality problems, the thickness of the same species is inconsistent.

1.7. There are errors in the calling procedure of the mounter, or the selection of the thickness parameters of the components is incorrect during programming.

1.8. human factors accidentally touched.


2. Main factors that causes SMC resistors to turn over and side parts

2.1. component feeder (feeder) feeding abnormal.

2.2. The nozzle height of the mounting head is incorrect.

2.3. The height of the picking head is wrong.

2.4. The size of the filling hole of the component braiding is too large and the element is flipped due to vibration.

2.5 When the bulk material is placed in the tape, the direction is reversed.


3. The main factors leading to component placement bias

3.1.When the mounter is programmed, the X-Y axis coordinates of the components are incorrect.

3.2. patch nozzle reason, so that suction material instability.


4. The main factors causing damage to components when patching

4.1. Positioning the ejector pin is too high, the position of the circuit board is too high, and the components are squeezed when mounted.

4.2.When the SMT machine is programmed, the Z-axis coordinates of the components are incorrect.

4.3. The nozzle spring of the mounting head is stuck.