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Printed Circuit Board Aluminum Circuit Board

Edit:Xing DA Electric Technology Co.,LtdUpDate:Oct 13, 2016

Printed circuit board is the most active industry in contemporary electronic components industry, industry growth is generally higher than the electronic components industry around 3%. 2006 is expected to maintain a rapid growth, needs upgrading and transfer is to promote development of the industry of basic power and HDI boards, flexible boards, IC packaging Board (BGA, and CSP) and other varieties will be the main point.

2003 China printed circuit board production value was 50.069 billion yuan, an increase of 333%, with a value more than the second largest in the world for the first time the United States. In 2004 and 2005, Chinese PCB output value maintained a growth rate of more than 30%, estimate 2005 to reach 86.9 billion yuan, much higher than the global industry growth rate.