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Saravana Visit Our Factory

Edit:Xing DA Electric Technology Co.,LtdUpDate:Aug 22, 2017

Saravana visit our factory

Saravana is from India. But he work as designer in the USA over 4 years. He works in QMAX.

His company is a large company,which can provide all kinds of technologies, digital signage. Their design is very professional in the USA. In China, there are also industries covered by them.

This is the first time he visit our factory.

Before we quote for him. But his customers think our price is expensive and maybe our quality is not good. So he give up our company. He doesnt contact us long time. This time he attends the IOT exhibition and visits our factory. He wants to check our quality.  

Firstly, our manager show the Saravana our workshop. Our manger gave him a brief introduction. he learned about more about our factory.

we went to the workshop, and showed him our SMT Production lines, DIP room, AOI test process and so on. Saravana asked us some questions of our production lines, quality controlling, function test and so on, especially our bad rate. We told him the bad rate is lower. Because when we test it and find it is not qualified, we will repair. When it is can not be repaired, we will give up it. 



After visiting our workshop, we provide him with information he needs. And he is satisfied with our quality and service.


Finally, Saravana told us our PCB/PCBA are good. He believe in our quality and service. Later he show his PCBA project for me.


In a word, this is an very unforgettable meeting and memory for both of us. Looking forward be long-term partners and good friends.