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What Is The Difference Between PCBA And PCB?

Edit:Xing DA Electric Technology Co.,LtdUpDate:Jan 08, 2018

                      What is the difference between "PCBA" and "PCB"?

    One is a finished board, one is a bare board.
        PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is called "printed circuit board". It is made of epoxy glass resin. According to the number of signal layers, it is divided into 4,6,8 laminate, 4,6 layer is the most common. Chip and other patch elements are attached to PCB.
       PCBA may be understood as a finished circuit board, and the process on the circuit board is completed before the PCBA can be calculated.
       PCBA=Printed Cirruit Board + Assembly
       That is to say, the PCB air board passes through the SMT piece, and then passes through the whole process of the DIP plug-in, for short, PCBA
       PCB (Printed Circuie Board) printed circuit board, usually in insulation materials, according to the predetermined design, printed circuit, conductive pattern printed components or a combination is known as a printed circuit. To provide electrical connections between components of the conductive pattern on the insulating base, known as the printed circuit. The finished printed circuit board or printed circuit called the printed circuit board, also known as printed boards or printed circuit board.