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Mutil-layers PCB
  • Gold Finger On Pcb

    Gold Finger On Pcb

    Gold finger on pcb refers to a row of arranged equidistantly square pads. Copper exposed gold. Mostly used for boards, LCD connections, etc.Gold finger on pcb is Electrical connection pins for connecting PCBs to other devices such as motherboards, chassis, etc.Because of the...

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  • Osp Pcb Board Finish

    Osp Pcb Board Finish

    OSP pcb board finish chemically grows an organic film on a clean bare copper surface. This film has anti-oxidation, thermal shock resistance and moisture resistance to protect the copper surface from rust (oxidation or vulcanization, etc.) in the normal environment.

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  • 94v0 Rohs Pcb Board

    94v0 Rohs Pcb Board

    94V0 is a standard fireproofing method. The ROHS standard must not contain harmful substances such as lead, HG. Our company's expertise in 94v0 Rohs PCB board has been welcomed by many new and old customers.

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  • PCB Assembly Quality Standard

    PCB Assembly Quality Standard

    PCB Assembly is a process that requires high skills in every aspects during production. In order to make sure the production goes as plan. There are several quality standard to follow during production. IPC is definitely a quality standard well known in PCB assembly...

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  • Remote Control Drone Pcb Board

    Remote Control Drone Pcb Board

    The field of application of remote control drone pcb board has now expanded to aerial photography, electricity, mitigation, entertainment news, and even agriculture. PCB is an essential part of any electronic product, and drones are no exception.

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  • Metal Detector Pcb Board

    Metal Detector Pcb Board

    The metal detector PCB board is produced by using advanced technology. It has the characteristics of wide detection, accurate positioning, strong resolution and easy operation.

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  • Audio Amplifier Pcb Board

    Audio Amplifier Pcb Board

    The audio amplifier pcb board simply amplifies the sound. For example, our common TV sets, recorders, speaker etc., which can play sounds themselves, need a circuit board that specializes in sound processing. This is an audio amplifier pcb board. The audio amplifier pcb board...

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  • Washing Machine Pcb Board

    Washing Machine Pcb Board

    The function of the washing machine pcb board is the power supply and management functions. Washing machine pcb board management functions include: water control, drainage control, heating and washing, automatic weight measurement, automatic washing and washing, washing and...

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  • Chinese Xvideo Audio Pcb

    Chinese Xvideo Audio Pcb

    We've numerous great employees customers excellent at promoting, QC, and working with Chinese xvideo audio pcb. Our Chinese xvideo audio pcb has a solid capacitor and we can provide a more stable solution.

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  • Printed Circuit Board Buy

    Printed Circuit Board Buy

    Printed circuit board buy is now more and more widely, because of the development of technology. All kinds of electrical appliances need to be printed circuit board buy to complete, and most of them are mostly looking for large suppliers to customize. We provide PCBA one-stop...

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  • Osp Pcb Surface Finish

    Osp Pcb Surface Finish

    OSP is short for Organic Solderability Preservatives. OSP is a water-based, organic surface finish that is typically used for copper pads. It selectively bonds to copper and protects the copper pad before soldering. OSP is environmentally friendly, provides a coplanar...

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  • Gold Finger Pcb Design

    Gold Finger Pcb Design

    Gold fingers are the common name for gold-plated connectors that run on the edges of a PCB prototype. Since they are gold, long and thin, they resemble fingers, hence, the name gold fingers. Xinda PCB/PCBA manufacturer can provide you one-stop gold finger pcb design service....

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DA Electric is one of the most professional mutil-layers PCB manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory provides customized mutil-layers PCB as well as OEM and ODM service. Please be free to place orders.
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