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CEM-3 Pcb board

CEM-3 Pcb board

CEM-3 PCB board is formed by laminating a glass cloth prep reg with a glass fiber prep reg copper foil. It is a composite substrate and its performance is different due to the type of substrate used. CEM-3 PCB board mainly used in computers, led industry, watches, general household appliances.

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CM-3 PCB Board Specification:

Laminate : CEM-3

Type : Aluminum

Layers : Double-sided

Application : Military

Surface Finish : HASL

Copper Thickness : 1oz

Laminate Thickness : 1.0mm

Excellent Thermal conductivity >= 1.0 W/m.k, 1.5 W/m.k
Excellent solder heat endurane,Lead free compatible CEM-3 Laminate
Dielectric Breakdown > 40 KV
Thickness: 0.8mm-3.2mm


CM-3 PCB Board Advantage:

1. Common technology, very well controlled

2. Multiple layers (20 layers and above) allow for complex designs

3. Low cost

4. A wide variety of substrate properties (thickness, strength, operating temp,…)

5. 100% E-test

6. Quick quotation


CM-3 PCB Board Application:

CM3-pcb application


Protos to Prodcution

Multi-Layer Rigid and Flex PCB Fabrication

Parts Procurement

Full Turnkey Assembly Manufacturing

Design Services

DFM Support

Electrical Testing

CM-3 PCB Board Production process:

production flow

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