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Gold Finger On Pcb
Gold Finger On Pcb

Gold Finger On Pcb

Gold finger on pcb refers to a row of arranged equidistantly square pads. Copper exposed gold. Mostly used for boards, LCD connections, etc.Gold finger on pcb is Electrical connection pins for connecting PCBs to other devices such as motherboards, chassis, etc.Because of the thin layer of gold on the copper-plated copper layer,gold finger on pcb can reduce the contact resistance of the contact.

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1. We have wave soldering machines, SMT machines and other the most advanced equipment to ensure productions’ efficiency and quality. 

2.Our company has established brand and copyright consciousness, we attached great importance to product quality and company reputation.

Also, we have strict secrecy consciousness for our clients.

3.Our company have more than 13 years’ experience in PCB &PCB assembly.



We offer one-stop service, consisting of reasonable quote,  layout/design,  copy (Gerber, BOM), fabrication,  component sourcing,  assembly (SMT, DIP, COB ), advanced testing,  well packing, fast delivery and after-sales service.

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