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Osp Pcb Board Finish

Osp Pcb Board Finish

OSP pcb board finish chemically grows an organic film on a clean bare copper surface. This film has anti-oxidation, thermal shock resistance and moisture resistance to protect the copper surface from rust (oxidation or vulcanization, etc.) in the normal environment.

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Osp pcb board finish Specification:


   1.  With 10 years experience in PCB industry, we can manufacture high quality and competitive price products. 

2. Specialized in 1-38 layers boards in prototype, quick-turn and small-medium, which including High Frequency, HDI, Impedance Controlled Board and Heavy Copper PCBs and etc.

3. Our mission is to be your PCB assembly partner, making prototype and short-run assembly is easy.



1.PCB Layout Design and Assembly

2.Mechanic Sample & Prototype Prepare

3.PCB Assembly

4. PCBA Assembly

5. Electronic Product OEM/ODM

6.smt pcb assembly /ems cell phone assembly

7.ID Design

8. Mechanic Design

9.Packing Design

10. Final Product Assembly 

Osp pcb board finish Quality process:

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