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Mutil-layers PCB
  • China Nelco PCB Samples

    China Nelco PCB Samples

    Nelco material is superior thermal and mechanical performance for high frequency PCB.Normally European customer will choose Nelco PCB for its great performance.All our Nelco electronic materials are RoHS compliant.Nelco PCB materials are designed for high layer count PCB and...

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  • Solar Inverter PCB

    Solar Inverter PCB

    High Quality Solar 4 layer Inverter PCB With Fr4 Material, Electronic customized inverter solar power system PCB board, PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen, High frequency multilayer customized solar inverter PCB, Great solar charger PCB 94v0 circuit board inverter PCB board, High...

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  • Usb Circuit Board

    Usb Circuit Board

    Keyboards, mice, printers, scanners have long been known. Digital cameras, MP3 players widespread rise. So many devices, how to access personal computers? USB is generated for this purpose. Usb is a standardized, single-interface that connects computer perihelia. So Usb PCB...

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  • Immersion Tin PCB

    Immersion Tin PCB

    Immersion Tin PCB,which metal surface is stained with a layer of tin to prevent oxidation, easy for welding. Today, tin immersion PCB is still very important in the PCB industry, Immersion Tin directly affects the performance of the product quality and service life , a good...

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  • SMD Gold Finger PCB

    SMD Gold Finger PCB

    The custom gold finger pcb is the connecting part between the memory module pcb and the memory slot pcb, and all the signals are transmitted through the gold finger. As a Gold finger multilayer circuit board pcb supplier in Shenzhen. Xinda are rich experienced in the Gold...

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  • Impedance Control PCB Circuit Boards

    Impedance Control PCB Circuit Boards

    High Quality Impedance Control PCB Circuit Board, Impedance Control Circuit Board Electronic 6 Layer PCB, Impedance Control PCB Led Par Circuit Board, 50ohm Impedance Controlled PCB Manufacturer 94v0 Circuit Board, Impedance Controlled Multilayer 94v0 PCB Circuit Board,...

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  • RF Frequency PCB Circuit

    RF Frequency PCB Circuit

    Radio Frequency 8.2mhz Rf Electronic Circuit 3820 Board, High Frequency PCB Circuit, Taconic Rf-35 PCB Circuit Board, High Frequency 1.6mm PCB Circuit, PCB Rf-35 PCB Circuit Board, High Frequency Rf Board Ro4003c Rogers PCB Supplier, High Frequency Factory Price Rf Power...

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  • RF Circuit Board

    RF Circuit Board

    RF circuit board design and production generally encounter the following problems: digital circuit module and analog circuit module interference, power supply noise, unreasonable ground, the antenna on the other analog circuit part of the radiation interference. Xinda...

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  • High TG PCB Electronic Prototype

    High TG PCB Electronic Prototype

    Our PCB products range from FR4, CEM-1, CEM-3, Ceramic to High TG 170℃- 220℃, Aluminum PCB, Carbon PCB sorted by material. High TG PCB is often used in lead-free tin processing. With the TG of the substrate is increased, the characteristics of the printed board such as heat...

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  • Fr2 HASL Measuring Device 4 Layers PCB Board

    Fr2 HASL Measuring Device 4 Layers PCB Board

    Fr2 HASL Measuring Device 4 Layers PCB Board Xing Da is a professional manufacturer of PCB, and we have produced measuring device pcb boards for many customers. Measuring Device 4 Layers PCB Boards are very popular and hot sale now.This 4 layers measuring device uses HASL...

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  • Fr4 ENIG Mainboard 4 Layers PCB Board

    Fr4 ENIG Mainboard 4 Layers PCB Board

    Fr4 ENIG Main board 4 Layers PCB Board Shenzhen Xingda is a OEM PCB/PCBA manufacturer. We can produce all kinds of pcb. We can make this main board. Our Printed circuits board (PCB) has been widely used in almost all the high-tech industries, such as electronics , medical...

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  • Fr4 OSP Artificial Satellite Four Layers PCB

    Fr4 OSP Artificial Satellite Four Layers PCB

    Fr4 OSP Artificial Satellite Four Layers PCB It’s a 4 layer pcb board for Artificial Satellite. The circuit board is made by OSP surface finish with Fr4 materials and green solder mask. Artificial Satellite board is very common and popular in different filed of electronics....

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DA Electric is one of the most professional mutil-layers PCB manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory provides customized mutil-layers PCB as well as OEM and ODM service. Please be free to place orders.