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  • Low Impedance One Sided PCB

    Low Impedance One Sided PCB

    One-sided PCB is first produced in the early 1950s with the emergence of the transistor.The main method of producing the one sided PCB is by using copper foil direct etching method. Regarding the material ,first used is paper-based phenolic copper foil substrate, but the...

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  • Multilayer PCB Fabrication Process

    Multilayer PCB Fabrication Process

    Xing Da specialize in the production of multilayer PCB boards with special material, like FR4 PCB(1-26layers), aluminum based PCB (1-2layers) and copper based PCB(1500MM). This PCB is multilayer FR4 PCB with ENIG surface process, and can be applied in computer, communication,...

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  • Rogers PCB Board Material

    Rogers PCB Board Material

    Rogers pcb board material.The Rogers material is a high frequency board material, dielectric constant 3.48, belonging to the ceramic substrate,which is Different from the conventional PCB epoxy resin, there is no glass fiber in the middle of the ceramic-based high-frequency...

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  • 4 Layer PCB Stack Up

    4 Layer PCB Stack Up

    Xing Da can manufacture different layers pcb ranging from single sided pcb to multilayer pcb. Four layers pcb is the common applied layers now than two layers pcb. Compared with two layers pcb, four layers pcb is more capable in anti-interference but is costly. It can be...

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  • Carbon Oil PCB Board With Counter Sunk Hole

    Carbon Oil PCB Board With Counter Sunk Hole

    RoHS UL Custom Quick Turn High quality fr4 carbon ink pcb carbon oil circuit board.Because of high density, high reliability,design, manufacture ability, test ability, assembly, maintain ability an so on.The Carbon oil PCB is widely used in all kinds of electronic equipment.

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  • High Frequency Laminates Arlon PCB

    High Frequency Laminates Arlon PCB

    Compared to traditional standard FR-4 materials,Arlon laminate products have more specialized electrical, thermal, mechanical or other performance characteristics and are suitable for a wide variety of PCB applications and other niche markets, making Arlon laminates rapidly...

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  • TG 180 PCB

    TG 180 PCB

    TG 180 PCB.With the rapid development of the electronics industry.Higher thermal resistance of the PCB substrate material is required as an important guarantee. With The high Tg , the heat resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and stability characteristics of...

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  • Custom Printed Circuit Board UK

    Custom Printed Circuit Board UK

    Custom printed circuit board UK.PCB known as printed circuit board, which is an important electronic components and the support of electronic components.Custom printed circuit board UK can be made by different material,like FR4, Aluminum,CM-1 CM-3 FR-1 and so on,different...

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  • Custom Printed Circuit Board

    Custom Printed Circuit Board

    Shenzhen 94V-0 Customized High Quality Multilayer Printed Circuit Board, Double side printed circuit board/custom pcb, Customized 94V0 Printed Circuit Board From Pcb Factory, custom electronic manufacturer fr4 94v0 pcb printed circuit board, Custom pcb prototype electronic...

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  • Power Amplifier PCB

    Power Amplifier PCB

    Xing Da has the capability to manufacture pcb ranging from basic single sided boards up to 24 layers, Such as Audio Power Amplifier Circuit Board /Bare Portable Amplifier PCB and provide one stop turnkey services, including pcb layout, manufacture, assembly, components...

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  • 8 Layer Circuit Boards

    8 Layer Circuit Boards

    Future PCB manufacturing technology trends in the performance to high-density, high precision, fine aperture,thin wire, small spacing, high reliability, multi-layer, high-speed transmission, light-weigh, thin direction. Xin Da PCB/PCBA company catch the trend. We constantly...

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  • China Nelco PCB Samples

    China Nelco PCB Samples

    Nelco material is superior thermal and mechanical performance for high frequency PCB.Normally European customer will choose Nelco PCB for its great performance.All our Nelco electronic materials are RoHS compliant.Nelco PCB materials are designed for high layer count PCB and...

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