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  • Rogers 4350 Tablet PCB

    Rogers 4350 Tablet PCB

    PCB boards can be made with many kinds of material like FR4, ceramic, crockery, aluminum, rogers and so on. The different material has different characteristics. Rogers material has superior temperature stability, can be used for high frequency and multilayer boards, and is...

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  • BGA PCB Prototyping

    BGA PCB Prototyping

    Xing Da can provide different PCB boards such as HDI, BGA, heavy copper PCB, heavy gold PCB, high impedance PCB, high frequency PCB, High TG PCB classified by process difficulty. With the characteristics of high reliability, high electrical properties and overall low cost,...

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  • SMD Gold Finger PCB

    SMD Gold Finger PCB

    The custom gold finger pcb is the connecting part between the memory module pcb and the memory slot pcb, and all the signals are transmitted through the gold finger. As a Gold finger multilayer circuit board pcb supplier in Shenzhen. Xinda are rich experienced in the Gold...

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  • Arlon Material Electronic Control Board

    Arlon Material Electronic Control Board

    The control board is also a circuit board. Although the scope of its use not as broad as the circuit board, it is smarter and more automated than ordinary circuit boards. In short, control board can play a controlling role in the circuit board. Large manufacturers of...

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  • Mutilayer Metal Detector PCB

    Mutilayer Metal Detector PCB

    XD serve a lots of customer with high quality and reasonable cost for Mutilayer metal detector PCB. Mutilayer metal detector PCB is mainly used in area like military filed,Security,archeology,industrial and education.Metal detector PCB can be divided into high-frequency...

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  • Layout PCB With Green Solder Mask

    Layout PCB With Green Solder Mask

    Layout PCB is an essential part of the tightly integrated XD product family. By combining ease-of-use with designer-assisted advanced functionality, it offers designers and engineers industry-leading technology to create today’s most complex designs. The layout...

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  • Impedance Control PCB Circuit Boards

    Impedance Control PCB Circuit Boards

    High Quality Impedance Control PCB Circuit Board, Impedance Control Circuit Board Electronic 6 Layer PCB, Impedance Control PCB Led Par Circuit Board, 50ohm Impedance Controlled PCB Manufacturer 94v0 Circuit Board, Impedance Controlled Multilayer 94v0 PCB Circuit Board,...

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  • RF Frequency PCB Circuit

    RF Frequency PCB Circuit

    Radio Frequency 8.2mhz Rf Electronic Circuit 3820 Board, High Frequency PCB Circuit, Taconic Rf-35 PCB Circuit Board, High Frequency 1.6mm PCB Circuit, PCB Rf-35 PCB Circuit Board, High Frequency Rf Board Ro4003c Rogers PCB Supplier, High Frequency Factory Price Rf Power...

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  • ENIG Rigid PCB

    ENIG Rigid PCB

    XD is a 4 Layer PHT ENIG Multilayer Rigid PCB Factory. Rigid PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is one of the important part of the electronics industry. Almost all of electronic devices, like small electronic watch ,calculator, large computers, communications electronics and so on....

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  • Custom 2.4 Ghz PCB Antenna

    Custom 2.4 Ghz PCB Antenna

    With years of OEM printed circuit board (PCB) and PCB assembly manufacturing experience, along with excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices, Xing Da has won numerous customers' trust and support. This PCB board is an OEM double-sided PCB with green solder...

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  • RF Circuit Board

    RF Circuit Board

    RF circuit board design and production generally encounter the following problems: digital circuit module and analog circuit module interference, power supply noise, unreasonable ground, the antenna on the other analog circuit part of the radiation interference. Xinda...

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  • RF Rogers Circuit Board

    RF Rogers Circuit Board

    XD Provide high quality and reasonable cost for RF Rogers circuit board. RF Rogers Circuit Board is also known as high frequency PCB board. RF Rogers circuit board.The physical properties, accuracy, technical parameters of rogers circuit board is extremely high, commonly used...

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