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  • ENIG Rigid PCB

    ENIG Rigid PCB

    XD is a 4 Layer PHT ENIG Multilayer Rigid PCB Factory. Rigid PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is one of the important part of the electronics industry. Almost all of electronic devices, like small electronic watch ,calculator, large computers, communications electronics and so on....

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  • Custom 2.4 Ghz PCB Antenna

    Custom 2.4 Ghz PCB Antenna

    With years of OEM printed circuit board (PCB) and PCB assembly manufacturing experience, along with excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices, Xing Da has won numerous customers' trust and support. This PCB board is an OEM double-sided PCB with green solder...

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  • RF Circuit Board

    RF Circuit Board

    RF circuit board design and production generally encounter the following problems: digital circuit module and analog circuit module interference, power supply noise, unreasonable ground, the antenna on the other analog circuit part of the radiation interference. Xinda...

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  • RF Rogers Circuit Board

    RF Rogers Circuit Board

    XD Provide high quality and reasonable cost for RF Rogers circuit board. RF Rogers Circuit Board is also known as high frequency PCB board. RF Rogers circuit board.The physical properties, accuracy, technical parameters of rogers circuit board is extremely high, commonly used...

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  • FR4 Rogers Sensor PCB

    FR4 Rogers Sensor PCB

    Fr4 Sensor Gold Finger PCB Circuit Boards, Customized Multilayer Sensor Electronic Circuit Board PCB Product, Made In China Customized Fr4 Material Pressure Sensor PCB, Fr4 OEM Optical Sensor PCB Manufacturer In China, OEM Fr4 Sensor PCB With Immersion Gold, Electronic Test...

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  • RF PCB Layout Design

    RF PCB Layout Design

    We can manufacture pcb ranging from basic single sided boards up to 28 layer multilayers RF pcb layout design, and provide one stop turnkey services, including RF pcb layout, manufacture, function testing services and so on. High Frequency RF Board RO4003C Rogers PCB Supplier.

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  • High TG PCB Electronic Prototype

    High TG PCB Electronic Prototype

    Our PCB products range from FR4, CEM-1, CEM-3, Ceramic to High TG 170℃- 220℃, Aluminum PCB, Carbon PCB sorted by material. High TG PCB is often used in lead-free tin processing. With the TG of the substrate is increased, the characteristics of the printed board such as heat...

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  • High Frequency PCB Layout

    High Frequency PCB Layout

    Xinda PCB/PCBA company is a premier provider of PCB layout service. With over 10 years rich experience in PCB layout industry, we are well prepare to undertake your printed circuit board manufacture. Ranging from simple to complex, we have experience lay-outing many types of...

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  • FR4 Rogers PCB Laminate

    FR4 Rogers PCB Laminate

    High Level ENIG HASL Fr4 Rogers Combinated Lamination HDI PCB Board, OEM Fr4 Copper Clad Laminate Circuit Board, 6 Layers 94v0 3oz Copper High Tg170 Fr4 PCB With Immersion Gold, High Quality FR4 rogers PCB Factory In China, Gold plated 4 layer rogers laminate stack up with...

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  • Rogers 4350 PCB Prototype

    Rogers 4350 PCB Prototype

    XD Provide high quality and reasonable cost for rogers 4350 High frequency PCB prototype. Special materials are required to achieve the high frequency provided by this type of printed circuit board - any changes in the Er value of these materials can affect the impedance of...

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  • Custom Immersion Gold FPC Cable

    Custom Immersion Gold FPC Cable

    Custom Immersion Gold Flexible PCB FPC Cable Manufacturer From Shenzhen. FPC Cable 0.1mm Line Width Flexible PCB Electronic FPC Supplier.

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  • One Stop 4 Layer PCB

    One Stop 4 Layer PCB

    XD has 10-year experience in fabricating single-sided & double sided PCB, multilayer PCB and PCB Assembly. With our advanced engineering & production team and high-end manufacturing equipment, XD ensure perfect insulation between each layer and good performance of every...

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DA Electric is one of the most professional PCB manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory provides customized PCB as well as OEM and ODM service. Please be free to place orders.
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