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Rogers 4350 PCB Prototype
Rogers 4350 PCB Prototype

Rogers 4350 PCB Prototype

XD Provide high quality and reasonable cost for rogers 4350 High frequency PCB prototype. Special materials are required to achieve the high frequency provided by this type of printed circuit board - any changes in the Er value of these materials can affect the impedance of the board. Many PCB designers turn to Rogers dielectric material for its lower dielectric loss, reduced signal loss, lower cost of circuit fabrication and better suitability for fast-turnaround prototyping applications.Rogers 4350 materials are UL 94V-0 rated for active devices and high power RF designs.

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Technical Detail for PCB prototype:

Quality Grade

Standard IPC 2

Number of Layers

1 - 38 layers

Order Quantity

1pc - 10000+pcs

Build Time

2 days - 5 weeks



Board Size

Max 610mm * 508mm

Board Thickness

0.2mm - 6.0mm

Copper Weight(Finished)

0.5oz - 12.oz

Min Tracing/Spacing


Solder Mask Sides

As per the file

Solder Mask Color

Green, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow

Silkscreen Sides

As per the file

Silkscreen Color

White, Black, Yellow

Surface Finish

Electroless nickel/immersion gold (ENIG) - RoHS 
Immersion silver - RoHS 
Immersion tin - RoHS 
Organic solder-ability preservatives - RoHS

Min Annular Ring


Min Drilling Hole Diameter


Impedance tolerance


Other Techniques

Peel able solder mask 
Gold fingers 
Carbon oil 
Countersink holes


Our Service:

(1) We manufacture PCB,PCBA,Singe/Double side PCB, Muti-layer PCB,Aluminium PCB,Spray Tin PCB,Immersed Gold PCB,HDI Mobile phone PCB,Gold-plating PCB,(printed circuit board with assembly) PCBA,SMT PCBA,DIP PCBA,PCB&PCBA Copy,PCB Assembly,OSP,HASL,etc.

(2) Expert circuit board testing, high quality factory wholesale price

(3) PCB OEM&ODM Clone/Copy, conform to UL,SGS,RoHS


Why choose us?

Professional on PCB & PCBA for 10 years -- One-Stop Service!

1:PCB EMC design/corrective services/Testing services/Certification services

2:From 1 to 38 layers PCB Fabrication

3:From sample to batch processing

4:48 hours fastest delivery

5:IPC2/3 acceptance criteria

6:Factory direct wholesale price

7:Replying with price within 3 day.

Certificate: ROHS, UL,9001-2000, ISO14001

Workshop :








Q:Which type of PCBs do you expert in?

A:We are specialized in producing HDI muti-layer blind, BGA, impedance, half-hole, double-sided, single-sided, etc.


 Q: What does XD need for a customized PCB order?

A: When you place a PCB order, the customers need to provide Gerber or PCB file. If you do not have the file in the correct format, you can send all the details related to the products.

Q:What is your testing policy and how you control the quality?

A:For sample, usually tested by flying probe; for PCB Volume over 3 square meters, usually tested by fixture, this will be more faster. Due to there’s many steps to PCB production, we usually do inspection after every step.


Q:.Can you design gerber file?

A:We can design gerber file if customer can provide us schematic, schematic sample can also be provided if customer want.

Q: How about the service XD offered to the customers?

A: If you have any questions about our products or company, do not hesitate to send us your inquiry to our customer service representatives. Your satisfaction is our pursuits.

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