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Health Care Device PCBA Boards Assembly
Health Care Device PCBA Boards Assembly

Health Care Device PCBA Boards Assembly

Health care device is usually used in people’s lives, which has the function of regulating the human body and promote health and other special suppliers. Health care equipment requires safe,durable and lightweight and etc. And xinda PCB/PCBA company produce a series of health care PCBA acccording to above characteristics, such as running machine PCBA, blood glucose meter PCBA and so on.

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Health care pcba specification:

Base Material:FR4,PI,ALU

Min. Hole Size:0.25mm

Surface Finishing:HASL RoHS,ENIG,OSP

PCB max panel size:500*500mm

Copper Thickness:0.5-3OZ

Board Thickness:0.25mm-4mm

Min. Line Spacing:0.075mm

Solder mask color:green, black, blue,


Wrap and twist:≤0.5%

Special PCB technique:Blind &buried via+Impedance control

PCB QC:Flying Probe Test,E-test

PCBA standard:IPC-A-610E


Health care pcba advantage:

Turnkey manufacturing or quick-turn prototypes

Board-level assembly or complete system integration

Low-volume and mixed-technology assembly for PCBA

1. Free programming and functional test, free package. 

2.High quality: IPC-A-610E standard, E-test, X-ray, AOI test, QC, 100% funtional test. 

3. Professional service. ISO SMT and through hole assembly, over 10 years experience.

4. Certification: UL, 94v-0, CE, SGS, FCC, RoHS, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001

5. Warranty period for PCBA: 2 years and good reputation


Health care pcba application:

With the improvement of modern living standards, more and more people use health care device, which makes the health care device PCBA demand continuously increase. Usually health care device PCBA has massage PBCA, blood glucose meters PCBA, running machine PCBA and ultrasonic wave PCBA.



Health care pcba service:

EMS-Electronic manufacturing service

PCB supply and layout

PCB assembly on SMT,BGA and DIP

Cost and cheap effective components sourcing

Fast Turn prototype and mass production

Engineering support

Tests(X-ray,3D Paste thickness, ICT,AOI and Functional Tests)

Good logistics and after-sales service.




1. What’s the warranty for our PCBAs?

years quality assurance

2. What options exist for the thickness of cooper?


3. What are the options for surface finishes?

Green, black, blue, red green,yellow and white.

4. Can Xinda PCB/PCBA company support BGA assembly?

Yes. We support BGAs Assembly with x-ray inspection and BGAs repair station.

5. Can Xinda PCB/PCBA company copy the PCBA board for me?

Yes. Please send us your board and tell us your detail requirement.



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