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Household Electrical Applicances PCBA
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  • Induction Cooker PCB Board Assembly Service

    Induction Cooker PCB Board Assembly Service

    nduction Cooker, also known as cookers. According to the size of induction cooker power, the induction cooker can be divided into household induction cooker and commercial induction cooker. According to the household, household induction can be divided into single-headed...

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  • Pcba Bom Gerber File

    Pcba Bom Gerber File

    PCB PCBA Gerber file and BOM printed circuit board assembly, printed circuit board Advanced Equipment Coffee Machine Electronic PCBA BOM Gerber Files, OEM customized PCB manufacturer SMT PCB industry, assembly service, high quality HASL lead free SMD contract PCBA assembly

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  • Rc Car Printed Circuit Board Board Assembly

    Rc Car Printed Circuit Board Board Assembly

    Xinda PCB/PCBA manufacturer is the leading innovator in the Rc Car PCB manufacturer and assembly market. Printed Circuit board Assembly is as critical a process as circuit board manufacturing. About 10 years rich experience, Xinda achieves the good reputation from all over...

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  • Conditioner Control Board

    Conditioner Control Board

    Xin Da have more than 10 years experience in pcb manufacturing.We specialize in producing conditioner pcb control board.Making best product for you according to your design.We also other pcb control board,like LED,washing machine and remote control board

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  • Access Control Pcba Prototype

    Access Control Pcba Prototype

    We are OEM PCBA manufacturer, who can provide fabrication service for both pcba prototype and mass production. We have made kinds of pcba prototypes in the industry of lighting, automotive, access control, home automation, etc. This is a type of pcba prototype for access control

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  • Customized Household Application PCBA

    Customized Household Application PCBA

    XD company has been in the field of household application PCBA for many years. Household application PCBA normally is consists of eight categories.① refrigeration appliances PCBA. Including household refrigerators, cold drinks machines. ② air conditioner pcba. Including room...

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  • Humidifier Control PCBA Circuit Board

    Humidifier Control PCBA Circuit Board

    Our PCBA circuit boards are commonly used in household applications, such as air conditioner PCBA, refrigerator pcb boards, washing machine circuit boards and PCBA for kitchen electrical appliances. This type of PCBA circuit board is used for humidifier, which can not only...

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  • PCBA PCB Layout For Fan Remote Control Board

    PCBA PCB Layout For Fan Remote Control Board

    SHENZHEN Suppliers OEM Fan PCBA, Electric Fan PCBA And PCB Immersion Gold PCBA Assembly Manufacture, High Quality Electric Fan PCBA And PCB, Immersion Gold PCBA Assembly Manufacturing, Fan Smart remote control Board PCBA, Heat Pump Fan Motor Controller PCBA, Custom-made...

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  • PCBA Design Wholesale For Electric Range Hood

    PCBA Design Wholesale For Electric Range Hood

    PCB circuit boards for Cooker Hood,Range Hood PCBA,Range Hood Controller circuit board,smoke exhaust ventilator pcba circuit pcbs layout for Kitchen ventilator, kitchenware range hood pcba, Range Hood electronic board,Range Hood Pcba Manufacturer,PCBA for Range Hood,OEM pcba...

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DA Electric is one of the most professional household electrical applicances PCBA manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory provides customized household electrical applicances PCBA as well as OEM and ODM service. Please be free to place orders.