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Customized Motor Controller PCB Assembly in Shenzhen
Customized Motor Controller PCB Assembly in Shenzhen

Customized Motor Controller PCB Assembly in Shenzhen

A lead terminal mounting assembly is provided on the top of our motor controller PCB board, and a plurality of MOS tube mounting assemblies are provided on the left and right sides of the top of the PCB board, and the lead terminals in the lead terminal mounting assembly are laid. In the terminal mounting hole, there are advantages of simple manufacturing process and low manufacturing cost

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We have more than 10 years of SMT manufacturing experience, well appointed  SMT ,DIP and assembly lines, offering one stop service from SMT,FPC,DIP,EMS, conformal coating, testing, final assembly, component procurement ,design, peripheral products support and so on. we are equipped with High-speed and accurately SMT Equipment ,and we provide a whole range of SPI,AOI,ICT,FCT,X-RAY,ROHS and aging testing for products. All ourshop floors are dust free, all lines are lead free, we are ISO9001 certified company.


• Mobile Devices: Smartphones and tablets are at the heart of our daily routine, functioning as everything from our alarm clocks to our GPS.
• Computer Electronics: Desktops and laptops both contain PCBs at their cores, as do the screens and peripheral devices associated with them.
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Our strict quality control system for PCBA

1. E-test for FPC.

2. IQC for components.

3. AOI test

4. FPCA function test

5. FQC

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