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  • Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

    Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

    Turnkey PCB assembly service is a new type of service that leverages cloud-based software and onshore PCB manufacturing to make developing printed circuit boards fast and hassle free for engineers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and makers. You simply upload your design...

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  • LED Lighting PCB Assembly

    LED Lighting PCB Assembly

    Our PCBA LED lights can be integrated into many lighting applications because of their energy efficiency, low cost and maximum design flexibility. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we provide these LED PCB according to various regulations, and also provide a large...

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  • PCB Assembly Reliability Test

    PCB Assembly Reliability Test

    Today, PCBs have extremely complex tiny components and tight space constraints. Therefore, PCBs need to go through a series of extensive test and inspections at each step of the manufacturing process to ensure the products meet exceed specifications. With high tech testing...

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  • Pcb Assembly Express Service

    Pcb Assembly Express Service

    Established in Shenzhen, China, Xing Da Electronics has focused on pcb manufacturing and pcb assembly express service over 10 years. We have a professional engineering team and sales team to make and deliver pcb assembly express service. Customers’ satisfaction to our pcb...

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  • PCB Assembly And Production Process

    PCB Assembly And Production Process

    PCB Assembly is a process that requires knowledge not just of PCB components and assembly but also of printed circuit board design, PCB fabrication and a strong understanding of the final product. With high tech testing machine and professional production experiences,XD are...

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  • Printed Circuit Boards Assembly (PCBA) Process

    Printed Circuit Boards Assembly (PCBA) Process

    A PCB with components mounted on is called an assembled PCB and the manufacturing process is called PCB assembly or PCBA for short. XD is the premier PCBA solutions provider. We can cover your PCBA requirements from parts sourcing to electronic assembly. We'll help you with...

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  • Electronic Circuit Board Assembly

    Electronic Circuit Board Assembly

    The electronic circuit board is the PCBA applied to the electronic products. It is the electronic components required for the soldering and assembly of the PCB on the PCB after the manufacturer obtains the PCB as the raw material, such as IC, resistor, capacitor, crystal...

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  • Assembled Electronic Circuit Board

    Assembled Electronic Circuit Board

    Electronics are an integral part of our daily lives. Everything from our smart phones to our cars includes electronic components. At the heart of these electronics is the printed circuit board, also known as a PCB. Xing Da provides 2-50 layered assembled electronic circuit...

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  • PCB Assembly Quality Control

    PCB Assembly Quality Control

    Xing Da strives to continuously exceed incremental clients' expectations by offering electronic manufacturing services in highest quality through positive attitude of cooperation, work-flow innovation and enhancing improvements. We are your reliable partner of choice for...

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  • Lead-free Pcb Assembly

    Lead-free Pcb Assembly

    Xing Da offer services from PCB fabrication, components sourcing, SMT & DIP assembly. The pcba board can be treated with surface finish immersion gold, lead-free, OSP etc. Lead-free is commonly used. We have made lots of lead-free pcba and gained good reputation from our...

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  • pcb layout bga 0.5mm

    pcb layout bga 0.5mm

    Soldering of BGA devices requires precise control and is usually done by automated processes. BGA devices are not suitable for socket mounting. XD has capacity and equipment to make high quality BGA PCBA.

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  • printed circuit board assembly design

    printed circuit board assembly design

    Xing Da is specialized in electronics pcba services including electronic pcba design and engineering, PCB fabrication, SMT and PCB assembly, components sourcing, prototyping, turnkey solution and value-added shipping services for industries like energy, measurements, medical...

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DA Electric is one of the most professional smt PCBA manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory provides customized smt PCBA as well as OEM and ODM service. Please be free to place orders.
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