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  • Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

    Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

    Turnkey PCB assembly service is a new type of service that leverages cloud-based software and onshore PCB manufacturing to make developing printed circuit boards fast and hassle free for engineers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and makers. You simply upload your design...

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  • PCB Assembly Quality Control

    PCB Assembly Quality Control

    Xing Da strives to continuously exceed incremental clients' expectations by offering electronic manufacturing services in highest quality through positive attitude of cooperation, work-flow innovation and enhancing improvements. We are your reliable partner of choice for...

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  • Lead-free Pcb Assembly

    Lead-free Pcb Assembly

    Xing Da offer services from PCB fabrication, components sourcing, SMT & DIP assembly. The pcba board can be treated with surface finish immersion gold, lead-free, OSP etc. Lead-free is commonly used. We have made lots of lead-free pcba and gained good reputation from our...

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  • pcb layout bga 0.5mm

    pcb layout bga 0.5mm

    Soldering of BGA devices requires precise control and is usually done by automated processes. BGA devices are not suitable for socket mounting. XD has capacity and equipment to make high quality BGA PCBA.

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  • printed circuit board assembly design

    printed circuit board assembly design

    Xing Da is specialized in electronics pcba services including electronic pcba design and engineering, PCB fabrication, SMT and PCB assembly, components sourcing, prototyping, turnkey solution and value-added shipping services for industries like energy, measurements, medical...

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  • smt pcb assembly process

    smt pcb assembly process

    SMT Assembly (SMA) is the term given to the process by which electronic components of various types, shapes, sizes and values are soldered to the surface of a bare printed circuit board (PCB) usually by an automated process. This process is also known as Onsertion and the...

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  • PCB Mount

    PCB Mount

    This type of PCBA board is used for fitness vitual coach equipment, and we have just finished a batch production of this boards. The boards has been recognized by our customers. Our PCB mount boards are also applied in many fields such as automotive electronics, digital...

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  • Secondary School PCBA

    Secondary School PCBA

    Secondary school PCBA is designed to be user and classroom friendly and is the perfect solution to accommodate the learner at beginner or advanced level. Teacher resources include an extensive range of hands on, real life projects and learning experiences across all ages and...

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  • SMD Assembly

    SMD Assembly

    Surface-mount technology (SMT) is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

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  • Pcb Assembly Service

    Pcb Assembly Service

    Xing Da Electric Technology Co., Ltd has the most diversified printed circuit board technologies available, including PCB manufacturing, components sourcing, PCB assembly and testing. We believe that the quality is the soul of an enterprise and provides time-critical,...

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  • Sensor PCBA

    Sensor PCBA

    An Sensor is a device that senses a specified measurement and converts it into a usable signal according to a certain rule, usually consisting of a sensitive component and a conversion component. Sensor PCBA is widely used in automatic control like temperature, flow,...

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  • ODM/OEM Pcba Price

    ODM/OEM Pcba Price

    Our company is a PCB & PCBA OEM / ODM Manufacturer with Electronic Circuit Board Assembly, we have more than 10 years of experience in OEM. Please send us your Gerber files and specification, then we will provide you with a reasonable price, high quality circuit boards and...

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DA Electric is one of the most professional smt PCBA manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory provides customized smt PCBA as well as OEM and ODM service. Please be free to place orders.
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