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  • Usb Flash Drive PCB Boards

    Usb Flash Drive PCB Boards

    Xing Da is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of pcb for home appliance,communication industry,car industry and LED lights industry. This type of pcb is used for usb flash drive. Our service includes OEM and ODM. We have been in this industry for more than 10 years. We...

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  • Solar Inverter PCB

    Solar Inverter PCB

    High Quality Solar 4 layer Inverter PCB With Fr4 Material, Electronic customized inverter solar power system PCB board, PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen, High frequency multilayer customized solar inverter PCB, Great solar charger PCB 94v0 circuit board inverter PCB board, High...

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  • Usb Circuit Board

    Usb Circuit Board

    Keyboards, mice, printers, scanners have long been known. Digital cameras, MP3 players widespread rise. So many devices, how to access personal computers? USB is generated for this purpose. Usb is a standardized, single-interface that connects computer perihelia. So Usb PCB...

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  • Immersion Tin PCB

    Immersion Tin PCB

    Immersion Tin PCB,which metal surface is stained with a layer of tin to prevent oxidation, easy for welding. Today, tin immersion PCB is still very important in the PCB industry, Immersion Tin directly affects the performance of the product quality and service life , a good...

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  • Vehicle Light Round LED Aluminum Backed PCB

    Vehicle Light Round LED Aluminum Backed PCB

    Xing Da can manufacture LED aluminum backed PCB from basic single sided board up to 28 layers and provide one stop turnkey services, including pcb layout, manufacture, assembly, components source and function testing. This type of round aluminum pcb is used for vehicle LED...

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  • MCPCB For High Power Leds

    MCPCB For High Power Leds

    Custom electronics 1.2mm Aluminum PCB, 94v0 ROHS 1W/3W high power MCPCB for led flood light wall washer. high quality MCPCB for led tube light MCPCB for high power led, High power 1w 3w 5w Direct Thermal Path MCPCB For LED Strip, Star Street Light PCB Circuit Board, High...

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  • Aluminum Copper Clad Laminated PCB

    Aluminum Copper Clad Laminated PCB

    Aluminium copper clad laminats PCB is widely used for the modifier and sparker on fire for motorcycle and mobile, power LED, sound box, power supply module and acoustics shielding system etc. Thermal conductivity can be 0.5~2.0w.And Heat Resistance can be...

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  • Aluminum Core PCB Design

    Aluminum Core PCB Design

    Compare with the traditional FR-4, aluminum PCB could minimize thermal resistance. So that the aluminum has excellent thermal conductivity. Compare with the thick-film ceramic circuits, its mechanical properties are very good. It provides a perfect solution for the...

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  • Aluminum LED Chip PCB

    Aluminum LED Chip PCB

    We, Xin Da Electric Technology Co.,Ltd,a OEM Aluminum LED PCB factory. Aluminum LED chip PCB have good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and mach-inability. With white solder mask, highest-performing, Commercially available, single-die led. The led maximum power is...

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  • Led Aluminum Clad PCB

    Led Aluminum Clad PCB

    Led Aluminum Base Copper Clad Laminate PCB Manufacturer, High Performance Copper Clad Laminate Aluminium PCB For Led, OEM Copper Clad Laminate Sheet Led Aluminum PCB, 94v0 Led Ceiling Light PCB DIY Led Aluminum Copper Clad Circuit Board, Copper Clad Laminate Sheet Aluminum...

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  • Aluminum Based PCB For Led

    Aluminum Based PCB For Led

    Xing Da owns more than 5000sqm plant with 10000sqm/month production ability. We have the ability to manufacture multi-layers metal base like, aluminum based, copper based, iron based. Recently we focus on aluminum based PCB, especially our high heat conductive aluminum pcb is...

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  • Led Tube Light Aluminum PCB Diy

    Led Tube Light Aluminum PCB Diy

    Aluminum Pcb is a kind of metal-based CCL with good heat dissipation function.Generally, a single-sided board consists of a three-layer structure, namely a circuit layer(copper foil), an insulating layer and a metal base layer. For high-end use are also designed for the...

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