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  • Multilayer PCB Design

    Multilayer PCB Design

    HASL FR4 94V0 ROHS Multilayer OEM/ODM PCB, PCB Board Design. Xing Da is electronic manufacturer in China who can provide competitive price and customized OEM/ODM PCB service. Our products are widely applied in telecommunication, medical equipment, automotive electronics and...

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  • Custom PCB Printing

    Custom PCB Printing

    PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is one of the important parts of the electronics industry. Almost every type of electronic device like small electronic watches, calculators, large computers, communications electronics, military weapons systems, as long as there are integrated...

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  • Pottery Impedance PCB

    Pottery Impedance PCB

    In terms of hardness and density, the Pottery PCB is larger than the conventional PCB.And the boring nozzle and the gong knife are relatively easy to cut during the processing, so the processing difficulty is relatively large. In addition, Pottery PCBs are fragile and...

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  • Low Impedance One Sided PCB

    Low Impedance One Sided PCB

    One-sided PCB is first produced in the early 1950s with the emergence of the transistor.The main method of producing the one sided PCB is by using copper foil direct etching method. Regarding the material ,first used is paper-based phenolic copper foil substrate, but the...

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  • Multilayer PCB Fabrication Process

    Multilayer PCB Fabrication Process

    Xing Da specialize in the production of multilayer PCB boards with special material, like FR4 PCB(1-26layers), aluminum based PCB (1-2layers) and copper based PCB(1500MM). This PCB is multilayer FR4 PCB with ENIG surface process, and can be applied in computer, communication,...

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  • Rogers PCB Board Material

    Rogers PCB Board Material

    Rogers pcb board material.The Rogers material is a high frequency board material, dielectric constant 3.48, belonging to the ceramic substrate,which is Different from the conventional PCB epoxy resin, there is no glass fiber in the middle of the ceramic-based high-frequency...

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  • PCB Impedance Control

    PCB Impedance Control

    With the rapid development of the mobile phone, electronics and communications industries, it also urges the PCB circuit board industry to grow in volume and grow rapidly. People are demanding more on the number of layers, weight, precision, material, color and reliability of...

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  • 4 Layer PCB Stack Up

    4 Layer PCB Stack Up

    Xing Da can manufacture different layers pcb ranging from single sided pcb to multilayer pcb. Four layers pcb is the common applied layers now than two layers pcb. Compared with two layers pcb, four layers pcb is more capable in anti-interference but is costly. It can be...

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  • Heavy Copper PCB Etching

    Heavy Copper PCB Etching

    Shenzhen Manufacturer heavy copper OSP immersion gold etching PCB fast print PCB board, etching machine, etching-resist PCB ink etching PCB printed circuit board, Single Side Copper Clad High frequency Quick turn control board PCB for DIY Soldering, PCB Supplier, 2 layer...

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  • Carbon Oil PCB Board With Counter Sunk Hole

    Carbon Oil PCB Board With Counter Sunk Hole

    RoHS UL Custom Quick Turn High quality fr4 carbon ink pcb carbon oil circuit board.Because of high density, high reliability,design, manufacture ability, test ability, assembly, maintain ability an so on.The Carbon oil PCB is widely used in all kinds of electronic equipment.

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  • High Frequency Laminates Arlon PCB

    High Frequency Laminates Arlon PCB

    Compared to traditional standard FR-4 materials,Arlon laminate products have more specialized electrical, thermal, mechanical or other performance characteristics and are suitable for a wide variety of PCB applications and other niche markets, making Arlon laminates rapidly...

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  • TG 180 PCB

    TG 180 PCB

    TG 180 PCB.With the rapid development of the electronics industry.Higher thermal resistance of the PCB substrate material is required as an important guarantee. With The high Tg , the heat resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and stability characteristics of...

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