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  • 94v-0 Led Pcb Board

    94v-0 Led Pcb Board

    Xing Da focus on PCB manufacture and assembly with over 10 years experience, and provide one stop services including PCB Design, PCB Clone, PCB Manufacture, PCB Assembly, Programing, Testing, Components sourcing with 100% new and original components. Xing Da is committed to...

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  • Led Bulb Circuit Board

    Led Bulb Circuit Board

    Led bulb circuit board.We use High grade Aluminum base material and original LED chips to produce your LED PCB.We will strict to check the LED quality in every production process.Will offer you best LED bulb circuit board with competitive price,waiting for your inquiry!

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  • Led Display PCB Board

    Led Display PCB Board

    In the past two years, high-power LED lighting complies with the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, and has achieved rapid development, which has injected a powerful impetus for the repid growth of aluminum boards. The key to maintaining the long-term...

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  • Led Pcb Board

    Led Pcb Board

    We are an expert in contracting PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly, specially dedicate to LED lighting, automotive, medical, household appliances and telecommunication and electronic products finished assembly. Our manufacturing facilities cover over an area of 3000 square...

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  • Rgb Led Pcb Board

    Rgb Led Pcb Board

    RGB led PCB board. Different LED chips colors and different LED board shape or special circuit design,High quality Aluminum based material and strict production test process,all of these requests can be solved by us.Any demand,please feel free to send us an inquiry.

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  • LED PCB 94V0

    LED PCB 94V0

    LED PCB normally are made by Aluminum,FR-4 and Copper foil. The flammability UL94 rating is the most widely used standard for the flammability of plastic materials. It is used to evaluate the ability of a material to extinguish after being ignited. According to the burning...

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  • LED Board

    LED Board

    LED Board normally are made by Aluminum,FR-4 and Copper foil. The main purpose of using aluminum substrates is that it has good heat dissipation. Because of the large heat generation of high-power LED, most aluminum substrates are used in the production of LED lighting...

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  • Led Light PCB Board Design

    Led Light PCB Board Design

    In the past two years, high-power LED lighting conforms to the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection ,and has achieved rapid development. This has injected a powerful impetus for the rapid growth of aluminum substates. At one time, the trend of aluminum...

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  • Polyimide Fpcb

    Polyimide Fpcb

    There are polyimide and polyester material for fpcb. Polyimide is more commonly used for fpcb with its high electrical properties and chemical properties. This is a kind of polyimide fpcb with 1oz copper, 0.2mm board thickness and immersion gold surface finish. We are now...

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  • Flex Pcb Making

    Flex Pcb Making

    ShenZhen OEM, manufacturer factory flex pcb circuit board custom made, UL ROHS flex pcb making, bare flex PCB making manufacturer, OEM flexible pcb board make design, fpc connector flex cable, High Precision Shenzhen supplier printed fpc flex make flexible pcb.

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  • Flex Pcb Copy

    Flex Pcb Copy

    Shenzhen one-stop service electronic Custom and Copy Service of Flexible Pcb Board manufacturing of printed circuit board. Flexible PCB Board Reverse Engineering Service Flex PCB Copy, fpc clone, flex pcb copy / flex pcb prototype with cheap cost & fast reply. Flexible PCB...

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  • Flex Pcb Flat Cable

    Flex Pcb Flat Cable

    Flex pcb flat cable usually used in connecting different electronic device. Using best Polyimide material,with the Light weight, thin thickness, good bending advantages,we can help you manufacture and customized different flex pcb flat cable according to your special request.

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