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  • FPCB LED Strip Light

    FPCB LED Strip Light

    Xinda Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd uses a very flexible FPC as a substrate, which can be bent without breaking. Pure color, soft, no glare, small heat, energy saving, environmental protetion. The material use environmentally friendly materials.Long life,easy installation,...

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  • Flexible Pcb Prototype

    Flexible Pcb Prototype

    flexible pcb prototype usually made by polyimide or polyester film material.It has advantages of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness and good bending.Different type of flexible pcb prototypes can meet you different special request,Any demand,please feel free to...

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  • Polymide Flex Board Design

    Polymide Flex Board Design

    Technical Detail for FPC: Your Best Choice for Polymide Flex Board Design 1. We use international certification brand board material: Grade A material. 2. Fully automatic PCB advanced equipment. 3.AOI optical scanning + testing, quality assurance. 4. Quick turn prototype...

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  • Polymide Flex Board Design Samples

    Polymide Flex Board Design Samples

    The flexible circuit board is so called flex board or FPC. Flex board is usually made of polymide or polyester film. It has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight and thin thickness. In the very beginning normally manufacturer use PET to produce flex board...

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  • Fpc Lcd Display Fpc

    Fpc Lcd Display Fpc

    Flex Circuit is a pattern of conductors created on a bendable film that acts as an insulating(dielectric) base material. The top is coated with a dielectric cover layer. In Xinda, we have been guided by our vision and commitment to quality, efficiency, and reliability. We...

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  • Flex Circuit Strip

    Flex Circuit Strip

    Superior Flex LED Strip Circuit Boards FPC, Polyimide material, Immersion Nickel Gold surface finish, 1/2 Oz Min copper thickness, 0.15mm board thickness.This flexible pcb strip is used for LED Strip. We offer FPC manufacturing, FPC assembly service. With its small size and...

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  • Flex Board Design Samples

    Flex Board Design Samples

    The flexible circuit board is a highly reliable, flexible printed circuit board made of polyimide or polyester film. Abbreviated as soft board or FPC, it has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight and thin thickness. XD with its strong technical background...

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  • Custom Made PCB Prototyping

    Custom Made PCB Prototyping

    Xing Da Electronics provides you the very convenience and price for printed circuit board(PCB) manufacturing and assembly. Our turnkey solutions include: Design/Layout of PCB, PCB Fabrication, Component Assembly(SMT/TH), Wire Assembly, Box build, Parts Procurement, Component...

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  • Taconic PCB Board

    Taconic PCB Board

    Taconic PCB board.Our PCB board usually be used for the industries including Medical, Automotive, Energy, Metering/Measurements, Consumer Electronics. We can make 1~38 layers PCB board for you. Best quality with competitive price,save you time save your money.

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  • Quick Turn High TG 170 PCB

    Quick Turn High TG 170 PCB

    High TG 170 PCB refers to high heat resistance PCB,normally higher than 170℃. With the rapid development of the electronics industry, electronic products in particular computers,are moving towards higher functionality and higher levels of Mutilayer development while High TG...

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  • MC Printed Circuit Board Pcb

    MC Printed Circuit Board Pcb

    Customized size mc print circuit boards 1.2thickness for cob led, mc pcb for LED indoor lighting, MC PCB / Metal Core Printed Circuit Board / Aluminum Base, MC print circuit boards for led light,road lights, China aluminium led pcb board, mc led pcb manufacturer, LED PCB High...

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  • 94V0 CEM-1 PCB Board

    94V0 CEM-1 PCB Board

    Shenzhen hot sale top quality ROHS UL Custom cem-1 94v0 PCB,94v-0 PCB board, Multilayer PCB with green solder mask printed multi-layer PCB circuit board.

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