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  • Conditioner Control Board

    Conditioner Control Board

    Xin Da have more than 10 years experience in pcb manufacturing.We specialize in producing conditioner pcb control board.Making best product for you according to your design.We also other pcb control board,like LED,washing machine and remote control board

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  • RF Remote Control PCBA Board

    RF Remote Control PCBA Board

    The increasing use of single-chip RF solutions and similar technology in various industries means that a variety of RF remote control products are being used to get the work done. PCBA board are crucial devices that aid in the smooth motion and strong electronic connections...

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  • Door Remote Control PCB

    Door Remote Control PCB

    A door remote control PCB board is an important component of an electronic device used to operate the electronic door device wirelessly from a distance. The remote control PCB board is widely used in consumer electronics, a remote control can be used to operate devices such...

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  • Gold Finger Pcb

    Gold Finger Pcb

    Gold finger pcb.The gold finger is composed of a plurality of golden conductive contacts. Because the surface is gold-plated and the conductive contacts are arranged like a finger, it is called a "golden finger". The gold finger is actually coated with a layer of gold on a...

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  • Immersion Tin PCBs

    Immersion Tin PCBs

    Our company has involved in PCB manufacturing for more than 10 years, with advantage in quick-turn sampling and batch volume from 2-16 layers PCB with Immersion Tin Surface Finish. Immersion Tin (ISn) is a metallic finish deposited by a chemical displacement reaction that is...

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  • Custom Lead-Free Copper PCB Boards

    Custom Lead-Free Copper PCB Boards

    We have been making Lead-Free Copper PCB Boards. Our lead-free PCB boards are made with laminate that have a higher Td to withstand the increased temperature and dwell times required during assembly. We use lead-free finishes like Immersion White Tin, Immersion Silver,...

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  • Rc Car Printed Circuit Board Board Assembly

    Rc Car Printed Circuit Board Board Assembly

    Xinda PCB/PCBA manufacturer is the leading innovator in the Rc Car PCB manufacturer and assembly market. Printed Circuit board Assembly is as critical a process as circuit board manufacturing. About 10 years rich experience, Xinda achieves the good reputation from all over...

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  • Customized Pcba For Access Control

    Customized Pcba For Access Control

    We are OEM PCBA manufacturer, and our customized PCBAs are applied in many industries like lighting, automotive, access control, home automation, etc. This product is our customized PCBA and is used in access control. It’s hot sale in America. We can offer PCB layout, PCB...

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  • Secondary School PCBA

    Secondary School PCBA

    Secondary school PCBA is designed to be user and classroom friendly and is the perfect solution to accommodate the learner at beginner or advanced level. Teacher resources include an extensive range of hands on, real life projects and learning experiences across all ages and...

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  • SMD Assembly

    SMD Assembly

    Surface-mount technology (SMT) is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

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  • Flex Circuit Board

    Flex Circuit Board

    Generally speaking, the flex circuit board is divided into single sided flex circuit, double sided flex circuit, multi-layer flex circuit and rigid flex circuit, etc. Xinda PCB/PCBA manufacturer not only provide above of them, but also provide SMT component assembly on these...

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  • POS Terminal PCBA

    POS Terminal PCBA

    XD can make POS terminal PCBA. POS terminal usually use 4-8 layers PCB, FR4 material, HASL lead-free or ENIG surface treatment, 1-2 OZ copper thickness. Usually a set of PCBA is used together, including 2-4pcs different circuit boards.The POS terminal machines are widely used...

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