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    SMT Assembly (SMA) is the term given to the process by which electronic components of various types, shapes, sizes and values are soldered to the surface of a bare printed circuit board (PCB) usually by an automated process. This process is also known as Onsertion and the...

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  • Fpc Flat Cable

    Fpc Flat Cable

    We have several FPC production lines, so we can meet the mass production requirements of many customers. With a professional team, years of production experience and strict product testing system, we can provide you with the best FPC products and one-stop service.

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  • Air Conditioner Inverter Pcb Board

    Air Conditioner Inverter Pcb Board

    Air conditioning inverter PCB board plays a key role. New requirements and challenges are also put forward for the design and production of the inverter hardware circuit. Xindaxing PCB/PCBA manufacturers focus on the quality of air-conditioning inverter PCBs and provide rapid...

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  • Digital Fpc Connector

    Digital Fpc Connector

    We are a professional supplier of various fpcs. The Digital fpc connector can be used in a variety of electronics industries. We promise to produce fpc from the best PI or PET materials. From design, production to testing, we strictly control the quality of the board and...

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  • Rohs 94v-0 Pcb Board

    Rohs 94v-0 Pcb Board

    With the improvement of technology and environment protection requirements, Xinda has responded to the requirements of the times. Rohs 94v-0 pcb board not only meet the UL 94v-0 fire protection requirements, but also meets the latest EU Rohs requirements, and requires high...

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  • PCB Mount

    PCB Mount

    This type of PCBA board is used for fitness vitual coach equipment, and we have just finished a batch production of this boards. The boards has been recognized by our customers. Our PCB mount boards are also applied in many fields such as automotive electronics, digital...

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  • Circuit Board For Medical Equipment

    Circuit Board For Medical Equipment

    Our PCB circuit boards are widely used in medical equipment. As we know the medical field requires a vast level of technology with extreme reliability and long term life cycles. We produce high quality and high precision pcb boards. Make sure your medical equipment is working...

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  • Polyimide Flexible Fpc Boards

    Polyimide Flexible Fpc Boards

    Polyimide flexible fpc boards were originally designed as a replacement for traditional wire harness. Flexible boards Technologies is happy to take an any flex circuit or flexible printed circuit board design challenge that you bring, including: automotive, medical, and so on.

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  • Industrial Control PCBA

    Industrial Control PCBA

    Among those famous industrial control board, printed circuit board assembly, prototype PCB manufacturers, XingDa Electronics is a professional industrial control board, printed circuit board assembly supplier and factory, we can offer you customized products price and...

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  • Flexible Circuit

    Flexible Circuit

    Flexible circuits (also variously referred to around the globe as flex circuits, flexible printed circuit boards, flex print, flex-circuits) are members of electronic and interconnection family.They consist of a thin insulating polymer film having conductive circuit patterns...

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  • Conditioner Control Board

    Conditioner Control Board

    Xin Da have more than 10 years experience in pcb manufacturing.We specialize in producing conditioner pcb control board.Making best product for you according to your design.We also other pcb control board,like LED,washing machine and remote control board

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  • RF Remote Control PCBA Board

    RF Remote Control PCBA Board

    The increasing use of single-chip RF solutions and similar technology in various industries means that a variety of RF remote control products are being used to get the work done. PCBA board are crucial devices that aid in the smooth motion and strong electronic connections...

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