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Special PCB
  • Impedance Control PCB Circuit Boards

    Impedance Control PCB Circuit Boards

    High Quality Impedance Control PCB Circuit Board, Impedance Control Circuit Board Electronic 6 Layer PCB, Impedance Control PCB Led Par Circuit Board, 50ohm Impedance Controlled PCB Manufacturer 94v0 Circuit Board, Impedance Controlled Multilayer 94v0 PCB Circuit Board,...

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  • SMD Gold Finger PCB

    SMD Gold Finger PCB

    The custom gold finger pcb is the connecting part between the memory module pcb and the memory slot pcb, and all the signals are transmitted through the gold finger. As a Gold finger multilayer circuit board pcb supplier in Shenzhen. Xinda are rich experienced in the Gold...

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  • Heavy Copper PCB Etching

    Heavy Copper PCB Etching

    Shenzhen Manufacturer heavy copper OSP immersion gold etching PCB fast print PCB board, etching machine, etching-resist PCB ink etching PCB printed circuit board, Single Side Copper Clad High frequency Quick turn control board PCB for DIY Soldering, PCB Supplier, 2 layer...

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  • PCB Impedance Control

    PCB Impedance Control

    With the rapid development of the mobile phone, electronics and communications industries, it also urges the PCB circuit board industry to grow in volume and grow rapidly. People are demanding more on the number of layers, weight, precision, material, color and reliability of...

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  • HDI PCB Technology

    HDI PCB Technology

    HDI PCB with ENIG Surface Technology, hdi pcb immersion gold circuit pcb, High frequency circuit board manufacturing, HDI pcb board manufacturer, FR4 Multilayer Circut Board with Immersion Gold HDI PCB supplier for multi layers PCB and HDI printed circuit board with...

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  • Countersink Holes Led Printed Circuit Board

    Countersink Holes Led Printed Circuit Board

    Countersink holes PCB (counterbore PCB): A common usage of countersink or counterbore holes is to permit the tapered head of a screw to sit flush with the top or bottom of the laminate.

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  • Multilayer VIA IN PAD PCB

    Multilayer VIA IN PAD PCB

    With more than 10 years of pcb experience along with excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices, XD has won numerous customers' trust and support. Our service include PCB fabrication, assembly, component sourcing, program&function test and housing assembly

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  • Edge Plating PCB Board

    Edge Plating PCB Board

    Our factory is engaged in PCB manufacturing and offering customized 8 layers 1.6mm fr4 pcb with gold plating on board edge for connecting at competitive price. High reliability, strong diversity and expert advice are our characteristics. Please contact us if you have inquiry.

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  • Gold Finger Pcb

    Gold Finger Pcb

    Gold finger pcb.The gold finger is composed of a plurality of golden conductive contacts. Because the surface is gold-plated and the conductive contacts are arranged like a finger, it is called a "golden finger". The gold finger is actually coated with a layer of gold on a...

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  • Fr4 HDI Kid Toys Double Layers PCB

    Fr4 HDI Kid Toys Double Layers PCB

    Fr4 HDI Kid Toys Double Layers PCB FR4 HDI kid toys double layers PCB board. XinDa produce and export lots of PCB same as your every year In shenzhen, china. The kid toys PCB uses FR4 material and HDI surface finish technology ,our kid toys PCB has high performance and the...

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  • Chemical Back Drill Board

    Chemical Back Drill Board

    Back Drill Board, PCB manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Back Drill Board for Soft Demands, DIY Available, China Factory Price, DAB+FM Radio PCBA Board, DAB/ DAB+/ FM Radio PCBA Boards and so on.

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  • Edge Connectors Gold Fingers PCB

    Edge Connectors Gold Fingers PCB

    PCB, Gold Finger PCB, Printed Circuit Board manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Edge Connectors Gold Fingers PCB, Cheap Shenzhen Printed Circuit Board Assembly, Circuit Board Assembly for medical equipment and so on.

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DA Electric is one of the most professional special pcb manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory provides customized special pcb as well as OEM and ODM service. Please be free to place orders.