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Edge Plating PCB Board
Edge Plating PCB Board

Edge Plating PCB Board

Our factory is engaged in PCB manufacturing and offering customized 8 layers 1.6mm fr4 pcb with gold plating on board edge for connecting at competitive price. High reliability, strong diversity and expert advice are our characteristics. Please contact us if you have inquiry.

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Products description:

Edge plating PCB: Edge plating PCB is used for technical features of the later assembly. Portions of the printed circuit’s contour but also partial areas within the circuit board can be metallized. The outer contours to be metallized which must be milled before the PTH process, as the metallization of the edges takes place during this procedure. After the deposition of copper, the intended surface finish is finally applied to the edges.

Products specification:

Layers: 8

Material /Laminate: FR4 TG170

Board thickness: 1.6mm

Copper weight: inner & outer 1oz

Finishing: ENIG

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