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Gold Finger Pcb
Gold Finger Pcb

Gold Finger Pcb

Gold finger pcb.The gold finger is composed of a plurality of golden conductive contacts. Because the surface is gold-plated and the conductive contacts are arranged like a finger, it is called a "golden finger". The gold finger is actually coated with a layer of gold on a copper clad plate by a special process because gold is highly resistant to oxidation and has high conductivity. Since the 1990s, Tin materials have become popular. At present, the "golden fingers" of motherboards, memory and graphics cards are almost always used Tin material.

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Gold finger pcb producing capability



Numbr of Layer

1-28 Layers


FR4,CEM-1/CEM-3,ROGERS and so on

Surface Finish

HASL, Gold plating, Enig,Immersion gold, Immersion Tin, OSP

Finish Board Thickness

0.2mm-6.00 mm(8mil-126mil)

Copper Thickness

0.5 oz ~12 oz max

Solder Mask


Min.Trace Width & Line Spacing


Min.Hole Diameter for CNC Driling


Min.Hole Diameter for punching


Biggest panel size


Hole Positon

+/-0.075mm(3mil) CNC Driling

Conductor Width(W)

0.05mm(2mil)or;+/-20% of original artwork

Hole Diameter(H)

PTH L:+/-0.075mm(3mil);Non-PTH L:+/-0.05mm(2mil)

Outline Tolerance

0.125mm(5mil) CNC Routing;+/-0.15mm(6mil) by Punching

Warp & Twist


Insulation Resistance




Test Voltage


Panel Size


Layer-layer misregistration

4 layers:0.15mm(6mil)max;6 layers:0.25mm(10mil)max

Min.spacing between hole edge to circuity pattern of an inner layer


Min.spacing between board ouline to circuitry pattern of an inner layer


Board thickness tolerance

4 layers:+/-0.13mm(5mil);6 layers:+/-0.15mm(6mil)

Impedance Control


Different Impendance


Quote requirement:

1,Design files (Gerber files, drill and readme file in a zip or rar packaged; or BOM list)

2.Clear quantity of pcb sample for us

3,Test method for PCBA




1. Can you keep my design file secure ?

Your files are held in complete safety and security.Your files are never shared nor will any third parties have access to your design files.We can sign an NDA(Non-disclosure agreement) before sending files.


2. For small quantity orders, can you produce prototype PCBs?

Yes. we can produce prototypes. and the more quantity, the more cost savings.


3. What file formats do you accept for PCB and assembly?

Gerber ,CAM Auto CAD DXF, DWG formats.


4. Do you have after-sales product servicing available for your customers?

Yes, for any quality problems, we will take our responsibility to solve it for you any time.

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Name: Lockie

Tel:+86-0755-29621535 EXT 612
Mobile phone:+86-15919935669 (whatsapp)
Skype: xingdapcbsales10

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